Offtake Agreements

Offtake agreements are a consistent source of revenue generation.


For a new business, these contracts stabilize revenue during the most volatile period of the business' life.


Even before the company starts producing a product or service, a pre-negotiated offtake contract will establish to lenders the veracity of your business, thus making it easier to secure needed funding.


The Greatest Question is how do you Secure an Offtake Agreement at an Appropriate Delivery Schedule and Unit Sale Price?


Gaiergy Consultants can assist you business with Securing Offtakes with Regard to:

  • 1. Electrical Power Purchase Agreements
  • 2. Feed-in Tariff Acceptance
  • 3. Biofuel Wholesale & Retail Pricing
  • 4. Biofuel Bulk Fuel Delivery Contracting
  • 5. Omega-3 Oils
  • 6. Nutraceutical Products
  • 7. Aquacultural Products - Fish & Feeds