Product Selection


Energy & Fuels

Energy and Fuels are mostly commoditized businesses with very competitive margins


Those firms that offer energy and/or fuels as primary products usually have to produce in very large quantities and must develop large volume sales for consistent production throughput. In these cases, Gaiergy can help analyze if there is a better volume market for the fuel or power.


Secondary & Co-Products

If you are in the planning stages or looking to increase revenue through a diverse product offering, Gaiergy Corp can consult for you on secondary products or primary co-products potential in your facility.


Almost every form of manufacturing has a secondary output that could be used for co-product generation.


High-Dollar Value Products

The most important product selection service we can offer involves High-Dollar Value Product Selection


Whether the business is algae production or vegetative biomass production, the greatest return on initial investment will be through high dollar value products.


Since the industries of renewable energy and oceanographic products are relatively new, business owners need to focus on maximizing profit in the early years so their business can gain the maturity to weather revenue margin-decline as the supply volume of a particular product increases due to competitors selling a similar product.


If the business owner can focus on high dollar value product, and continue to grow his business’ product output over a five or ten year period, then when that time comes where the price of a particular product starts to decline because of increasing supply, your volume output should be able to make up for the lost revenue due to decreasing unit sales price.


Gaiergy Corp can help with choosing:

  • 1. The right high dollar value product
  • 2. Correct & Quality Driven Production Methods
  • 3. Correct Initial Market Pricing
  • 4. Increasing Volume Output According to Market Drivers
  • 5. Unit Revenue Decline Models