As Current and Former Dept. of Energy Project Officers, Gaiergy Consultants know the full breath of Energy Efficient Measures that are Available for your
Residence, Business, Industry, Vehicles and Municipalities.


It's no wonder that the Dept of Energy is over taxed with getting Energy Efficient measures out into the Public.


One of the most important aspects of Gaiergy Corp is to disseminate this knowledge that the Dept of Energy houses to the public. These energy efficient measures on average tend to pay for themself within 3 to 6 years depending on the measure that is deployed.


Gaiergy Consultants can help you in your Residence, Business, Industry and Municipality to start using less electricity for the same job.


The links indicated to the left flow directly to the US DOE Energy Efficiency website. If you want to explore them yourself, please feel free. If you want an expert consultant to work with you to find out what you can do for your project, home or business and how to get part of it paid for by external funding agencies, then contact Gaiergy Corp.


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